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Our special appeals feature just some of our long-stay animals in need of new homes.

Often these are the animals who have, through no fault of their own, been overlooked by potential owners and as a result may have spent some time in RSPCA care.

Read their appeals and you could find your perfect match.

Harley and Bailey

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Black cats Harley and Bailey

Harley and Bailey are 24-week-old male kittens, who are very friendly playful and purry. They are currently in the care of the Surrey, Woking and District Branch.

These young boys are looking for a new home together. They can be left up to four hours a day, and need a new home with no children under the age of five. They will also need to rehomed well away from any busy roads.

Bailey likes to be cuddled … continue reading ››


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IMG_0883Little Ethel is one year old and has been through a lot in a short life and is hoping that her fortune will soon change. She is currently in the care of the Sussex North Branch.

Ethel’s previous owners didn’t neuter her and she became pregnant at a very young age. They couldn’t afford her vet treatment and signed her over into our care.

Ethel was a wonderful young mum and now that all her kittens have been rehomed … continue reading ››


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IMG_0906 This is beautiful Mindy, who is 15-years-old and is currently in the care of the Sussex North Branch.

Most people are put off by Mindy’s age. This is a great shame as Mindy must be one of the most affectionate cats we’ve ever had in our care! If you’re ever lucky enough to meet her, you certainly won’t believe that she is 15 years old.

Mindy has been through a lot in the past few months. She was … continue reading ››

Simba and Fudge

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Simba & fudge - CopySimba and Smudge are nine-year-old short haired ginger cats who are in the care of our Goole and District Branch.

The branch does not have an animal centre, as they are a small branch of unpaid volunteers. The fostering team look after the cats and kittens at their own homes so they get to know their personalities very well.

Simba and Smudge come into our care after nearly seven years with their owners. Their owner had been suffering an

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Charlie and Daisy

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Daisy and Charlie
Charlie and Daisy are four-year-old female cats who are in the care of our RSPCA Stafford Wolverhampton and District Branch. They were originally brought into our care due to welfare concerns, and have now become some of our longer stay residents.

They are two very different characters. Charlie loves nothing better than playing with as many toys as he can get his paws on, while Daisy loves having as much fuss as possible.

Charlie and Daisy simply cannot be continue reading ››