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Our special appeals feature just some of our long-stay animals in need of new homes.

Often these are the animals who have, through no fault of their own, been overlooked by potential owners and as a result may have spent some time in RSPCA care.

Read their appeals and you could find your perfect match.


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Shadow.Shadow is a one-year-old short haired black cat who is in the care of our Goole & District Branch.

We don’t have an animal centre, our fostering team look after the cats & kittens at their own homes, so we get to know their personalities very well.

This shy but loving boy has been in foster care since 12th November, he took around thirty days to come out from hiding and show himself. He didn’t initially know what to … continue reading ››

Raj and Dennis

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Raj and dennis

Raj and Dennis are a pair of adult male degus in the care of our Millbrook Animal Centre. They were found abandoned in a back garden and originally had to be kept separate as the stress of being abandoned made them fight.

After settling into the centre they were reunited and are now best friends again. They’re lively characters and love having lots to do and running in their large wheel.

They need to find a new home in … continue reading ››


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Beau 117412

Beau is a male terrier cross who’s currently in the care of our Bryn-y-Maen animal centre

He’s around two-years old and is looking for a real terrier person who wants to change a true rescue dog’s life!

Beau has been through a lot in his life and needs an experienced and patient owner who will understand him and his quirks. His new owner will also need to be active and enjoy the outdoors as Beau loves nothing better … continue reading ››


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FEB Barry 2FEB Barry 1Barry is a loving, friendly and happy two-year-old German Shepherd cross being cared for at our Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Branch.

Poor Barry has epilepsy which is now under control through medication and he’s not had any fits for a long time. He’s an affectionate and loyal dog, but he’s been overlooked because of his condition.

Barry is a young dog who is active and enjoys walking. He used to be a little nervous but he’s now … continue reading ››


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GavinGavin is a four-year-old black-and-white male cat who is currently being cared for at our Stafford Wolverhampton and District Branch.

He was originally brought into our care with three other cats that had been taken away from their current home because of concerns for their welfare.

Gavin likes his own space, so we’re looking to rehome him on his own as he likes to be the king of his own castle. He enjoys a good fuss and lots continue reading ››