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Our special appeals feature just some of our long-stay animals in need of new homes.

Often these are the animals who have, through no fault of their own, been overlooked by potential owners and as a result may have spent some time in RSPCA care.

Read their appeals and you could find your perfect match.


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Kev is a handsome four-year-old German Shepherd being cared for at our Blackberry Farm Animal Centre. He came into the centre after being badly treated by his last owner.

He’s a typical GSD as he’s extremely loving and loyal and will make a great companion for someone. He just loves to be with people and to sit and enjoy a cuddle.

Poor Kev is desperate for a home as he’s finding kennel life extremely stressful. He’s looking for … continue reading ››

Lisa and Leo

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Leo new

Lisa and Leo are two four-year-old collie crosses being cared for at our Blackberry Farm Animal Centre. They’re very attached to one another, so we’re looking for a forever home where they can stay together.

They both came into the centre after they were left living with other collies in a hot vehicle. Lisa is a very sweet sensitive girl who loves to go on long walks and play fetch with a ball or squeaky toy!

Leo is a … continue reading ››


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Roly 2

Roly is a lovely boy being cared for at our Blackberry Farm Animal Centre. He came into the centre as he was being kept in a crate constantly by his previous owner. He’s now been in kennels since November 2014 and no one can understand why. He’s desperate for his forever home.

Roly hasn’t had the best start in life. He’s a real sweetheart and is a very loving boy who wants nothing more than to be … continue reading ››


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White ferret Boris © RSPCABoris is a 6 to 12-month-old ferret who’s being cared for at our Stafford Wolverhampton and District Branch.

He’s one of our longer stay residents, and was brought into our care due to welfare concerns. Poor Boris was found by our inspectors as a stray but he’s had lots of training from his fosterer and he’s now looking for his forever home. 

Boris is very inquisitive and playful and needs plenty of toys, boxes and tunnels to play … continue reading ››

Raj and Dennis

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Raj and dennis

Raj and Dennis are a pair of adult male degus in the care of our Millbrook Animal Centre. They were found abandoned in a back garden and originally had to be kept separate as the stress of being abandoned made them fight.

After settling into the centre they were reunited and are now best friends again. They’re lively characters and love having lots to do and running in their large wheel.

They need to find a new home in … continue reading ››