Eric’s seasonal tips: autumn

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Hello everyone,

Keep your little furries cosy this winer

Being a hedgehog and living in the great British outdoors means that the seasons can have a huge effect on me and my friends. Luckily, there are things that you can do to help as the weather gets colder.

Keep your pets warm

If you have pets that live outdoors, make sure they have plenty of bedding to keep them warm. You might even want to bring them inside (into a garage or shed) if it gets really cold.

Look out for wildlife

Garden birds are happy to be fed all year round so keep it up during autumn and help them prepare for the chilly months ahead.

Feed me up to keep me chirpy

Did you know they’ll be moulting and growing new feathers at this time of year?

Watch out on the roads

Now, I’m sure you won’t be driving at your age but it’s good to know that with the sun going down earlier each night it can be harder to spot animals, like deer, on the roads. This is the worst time of year for deer to be hit so please ask your driver to take extra special care.

Hmm, what else do we get at this time of year? Oh yes, bonfires and fireworks!

No bangs please!
Pretty, but scary!

Some of us find fireworks very frightening so make sure you:

  • Keep dogs and cats inside and make sure they have somewhere to hide if they want to.
  • Close the curtains early and play music to try and muffle the sounds.
  • If you have small pets that live outside make sure they have lots of bedding and partly cover the cage with blankets to try and reduce the amount of noise getting in. Just make sure they can still see out!
  • If you’re having a bonfire make sure there are no small animals, like me, sleeping in there before it’s lit. We like to be warm but not that warm. Yikes!

Happy autumn everyone!



I'm Eric. A few years ago I was run over by a lawnmower. I still have nightmares about it now... But I'm much better and very happy roaming around - I just get a bit spooked sometimes. I'm here to tell you lots of important things about the RSPCA and animals and I might even do a few reviews. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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15 Responses to “Eric’s seasonal tips: autumn”

  1. Cheryl Cheryl

    Come and share my barn next time there are fireworks Eric, I don’t like them either.

  2. jrobo2002

    I’m moving my rabbits inside tomorrow so I hope they will be grateful!

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      I’m sure they’re really grateful jrobo! Well done 😉

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hi Saffie, I have two cats and although they aren’t afraid of fireworks, lots of cats are. And we should watch out for cats on the road when driving. Also, it was so cold last night that one of my cats tried to get under my duvet! Brrrrr 🙂

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Oh Bethany, it’s usually the other way round! Mind you, some cats are good at showing dogs who is boss! 😉

  3. Lozz

    I have guinea pigs, we brought them in just before Bonfire night. They live in our garage in the cold weather !

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Brilliant Lozz, well done you. Top of the class 😉 I bet your guineas are warm and cosy now.

  4. Elizabeth

    gr8 tips!
    but if u had a cat how much work would u haft to out of 10%?

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hi Elizabeth! I’m pleased you like Eric’s seasonal tips; they’re great aren’t they?
      All pets need to be looked after 100% and although cats can be less demanding than perhaps dogs, they still need time and money spending on them. Why not check out: for more information on cats.

      I hope that helps Elizabeth.

  5. Bethany

    I have a cat ,he’s black and white , I love to give him hugs!♥


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