Winter promises book

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Are you just like me… always making promises, and then forgetting to carry them out? Well, I know just what you need – a Winter promises book!

This great little book is ideal for using with family and friends and it will make you very popular too! It’s also a great reminder for jobs you need to remember to do over the Christmas holidays.

It’s going to be so handy and I’m even going to suggest to Dave that he should get one (he’s been known to make promises and then forget to keep them, you know!). Anyway, why not get your very own FREE Winter promises book with the December/January issue of animal action.  If you’re already a member, you’ll get one with your magazine, through the post.



I'm Eric. A few years ago I was run over by a lawnmower. I still have nightmares about it now... But I'm much better and very happy roaming around - I just get a bit spooked sometimes. I'm here to tell you lots of important things about the RSPCA and animals and I might even do a few reviews. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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15 Responses to “Winter promises book”

  1. Pippa

    I love the winter promises book and all the other wonderful gifts that you give out, I also love to read about what you have been up to!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bethany

    winter promises to make me 4get. lt’s so good u made this announcment!

  3. Holly

    I have used lots of my winter promises!! They are awesome!!! I will now never forget to feed the birds as I have no pets!

    • Sarah K Sarah J

      That’s great Holly! It just goes to show you don’t need to have pets to be able to help animals. The birds will really appreciate your food.

  4. lexi

    It’s so great ,I always forget to keep promises . Hurah It is great , It’s MY Hero.

  5. catz_rock

    I have used lots of my winter promises
    I have kept them all
    I fed my cat lots during the holidays

  6. Olivia

    I’m promising my neighbours that when they get a dog that’ll be a golden retriever I will walk it at much as I can. 🙂


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