Rain! Rain! Rain!

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Uuuuurggghhh – I just HATE it!

It’s cold and it’s wet and I’m just wondering if this rain will ever stop. I have been stuck indoors all this time and, well I am nice and cosy at least, but I’d love a bit of fresh air.

I should count myself lucky though. I’ve heard there has been some terrible flooding around so I just hope you are all safe. The RSPCA has already been out saving animals – dogs, sheep and pregnant cows, to name a few.Β And look – here’s one of our amazing inspectors leading a very wet horse to safety. Hooray!

Stay warm and dry everyone.

Amber xx




Hi, I'm Amber. I was abandoned when I was six weeks old but the RSPCA looked after me and my life's been fab ever since! I love making friends and I'll sit on your lap happily for hours, if you'll let me. I love learning and catching up with the news. See you around!

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30 Responses to “Rain! Rain! Rain!”

  1. courtney

    you are brill can i aply to be on pet school on cbbc

  2. Rebecca

    Poor horse I hope it gets better i really love horses and I agree it would be really cold yuuuuuck but it is really good because u have saved horse from dieing

  3. Alice

    Ill stay warm reading ANIMAL ACTION YOU STAY WARM TOO

  4. Holly

    I hope it stops raining too, and snowing where I am!!! Stay warm and have a nice christmas!!

  5. Chloe

    I Wish The Rain Will Stop I Am Sacred That My Cats Will Drown

  6. carina and horses

    i wish it is really sunny here because it is really dark and cold

  7. leah

    hi i love horses im so glad that gorge horse is warm and dry now!!

  8. Rebecca

    Hi Iam so happy that you rescued that poor horse!!!!!!! Sometimes I really hate rain!!

  9. lexi

    One of my cats dosen’t care,one time it was pouring with rain and we couldn’t find her-eventually my dog ran out in the garden through the fence in next doors garden under the trees she refussed to come in so i had to go into next doors garden and walk around to my housewith a soaking wet cat in my hands,luckily shes much safer now and always snuggels with me to keep herself warm.

  10. tessa [10] [: [: [;

    I only like rain when it freezes and turns into snow! Luckily, it’s snowing as I type!

  11. Jenna rose gillatt

    I’m sooo sorry for the horse. It is always raining here. I hope it will be sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    • Millie

      It rains like mad where I am are they getting on well?

      • Olivia

        I’m sure the horse is fine. πŸ˜‰

  12. Olivia

    my cat Sophia hates the rain. when it rains she goes to the window and begs to be let inside. I let her in the utility cos that’s the only room she’s allowed in. and even though my dog Jasper has a kennel he sits out in the rain cos he wants us to feel sorry for him so we’ll let him into the house but like Sophia, we keep him in the utility until he dries off then we let him in the house, and when it stops raining we let Jasper and Sophia out. πŸ˜‰

  13. Olivia

    who could do such a mean thing?????!!!!! out of all these nice days those cruel people had to wait till it was raining. πŸ™ I’m an animal lover and I don’t think things like this should be happening. πŸ™ has the horse found a home yet? Olivia xxxooo

  14. Olivia

    I want a horse but my mum said “it’s lots of work”. πŸ™

  15. Daisy

    I went to Dorset for a week and there was a big storm and a tree blew down! Luckily the 2 dogs were ok. All the animals that the RSPCA rescued must have been really scared. πŸ™


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