Do you doodle?

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Hey doodle dudes, check this out…

Being a cool – and seriously creative – sealion, I have a lot of time for my fellow sea dwellers – penguins. I’m not talking Batman’s enemy Penguin, I mean real emperor penguins.  What handsome, brave, intelligent creatures they are. And do you know that males and females take it in turns to look after the hatching egg, and keep it warm?

Well, in honour of magnificent penguins, why not have a go at learning to draw them, then fill your own iceberg!

Click on the attachment and give it your best shot.



Hey dudes! I'm Jaysea and I live in the waters around the Park. I got caught in some fishing net when I was a pup but I still love swimming! I'm gonna show you how to have lots of fun with amazing videos and activities - just stick with me!

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21 Responses to “Do you doodle?”

  1. catz_rock

    I love drawing and are soon going to try drawing penguins

    • Brownie

      Hiya catz_rock great name. I love drawing too. Oh and by the way you can prob already guess that I love brownies!!

  2. Katie

    I love drawing!! And cant wait to have a go at drawing penguins!

    • Strawberry

      Hiya Katie have you left a comment on like every blog??? LOL!! Cos i have too!! Any way I love drawing too but not great at penguins!!

      • Katie

        Hiya Strawberry great name by the way. Yeah I have left like a comment on every blog!! LOL!!I love blogging!!

      • bethany

        i left a coment on every blog!

  3. Mango134

    This is a lovely idea!!
    I am not great at drawing but this helped a lot.

  4. Beth

    I also love drawing and can’t wait to try the penguins.And I love animalaction and the rspca too

  5. jelly bean fever

    good luck and good for you who ever is going to try and rase money

  6. Jasper (I'm a dog)

    Its not easy for me to doodle with paws.

  7. Freya

    Hi, Jay-Sea, I love drawing and I’ll definately have a go at penguins!By the way I also love sealions! 😉


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