Ali’s pet care: hamsters

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Let’s talk about hamsters today.

And how to make sure they get the best care.

Cute and cuddly

You may think they’re an ideal pet because they’re so small and cute and cuddly but they have very important needs. And because they are so small, they are at risk of injury by inexperienced hands.

They are nocturnal too (like me), which means that they’re awake during the night, when you are all asleep! That’s another thing a hamster owner needs to think about.

Wild hamsters live in warm, dry places (sometimes in deserts) and they love digging so it’s important that pet hammies have similar surroundings.

Fun facts
  • The word ‘hamster’ comes from the German word hamstern, which means ‘to hoard’. Hamsters hoard their food in special pouches in their cheeks for later!
  • Their teeth NEVER stop growing. That’s why it’s so important to make sure pet hamsters have lots of things to gnaw on, like wood.
  • Hamsters can catch colds – that means you can pass them to your pet and he/she can pass them to you! Yikes, little hamster sneezes! 🙁

Great facts there to tell your family and friends. But most importantly, to be a fab-tastic hamster owner, you should read the attachment below!



Some call me a wise old owl and I'm not one to disagree. I came to Anmal Action Park after I was hit by a car and broke my wing. I made a full recovery though and now I fly around the park quite happily, sharing my knowledge and wisdom with anyone who'll listen. Look out for me telling you lots of interesting animals facts!

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46 Responses to “Ali’s pet care: hamsters”

      • Alice

        thats nice.Saddly i dont have a pet but i want 1 alicexx

      • millie

        you are so lucky i have two pussy cats!!!!

    • Ali Ali

      Hi Alice, I am absolutely fine thank you. Except it is SO cold outside and my feathers are always getting blown about.

  1. Chloe Austin Hawkins

    i love hamsters they are so cute my friend has a hamster

  2. katie

    i love hammies i have one myself called cinnamon and R.I.P Odie my first hamster but i have one so yay!

  3. isabella stevens

    i have a brown syrian called piglet, my sister has 2 twin dwarf hamsters called pepper and percy and a syrian called topher xx

  4. Tash

    I am animal mad! I don’t have one but every time a see a animal(that cannot kill me!) I just go, “ahhhh”

  5. Alice E H

    I have 1 white syrian hamster called Sparkle. She has a very nice big cage. The web site has gave me lots of tips! THANK YOU !!!

  6. Hannah

    I have a brown syrian hamster named Whisky, he is very friendly and has a ginourmas cage!!!!!!
    thanks x

  7. Imogen

    It so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Olivia

      I never thought of that name. I called my 2 hamsters Hammy and Nibbles.

  8. Olivia

    my mum said she’s going to get me a hamster after my holidays. 🙂

  9. Olivia

    I love hamsters. [] there so cute and small. 😉 🙂 []

  10. louise

    i love hamsters!!! i love ALL animals, but i think that hamsters are just the best!!!!!

  11. Olivia

    I gt 2 dwrf hmstrs a fu dys ago I ws mnt 2 gt a fule gron hmstr bt I cud’nt fnd ane so inted I bught 2 dwrf hmstrs. 🙂

  12. I love dogs

    My hamster Nibbles is very nippy. Hammy’s the tame on beacause hes bigger then Nibbles, I choose Nibbles beacause he was very cute and I wanted to have a brown hamster my brother choose Hammy.

  13. Rabbit06

    I’ve got 2 syrian hamsters called Spartacus and Todd.

  14. Katie

    hi i am katie and my family is thinking about getting one, i am in year 6 and i am 11 so i think i could take good care of it, but my mums not so sure, how much care do they need??? please tell me

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hi Katie, how exciting that your family is thinking about getting a hamster! If you have a pet, you have a legal duty to look after it properly. Hamsters are often seen as good first time pets for children, but they still need a lot of looking after. They need a warm, safe environment indoors, specialist food and bedding and plenty of toys to stop them getting bored. They are nocturnal, which means they are awake at night. Would that keep you awake Katie? They also need to be handled often otherwise they can give a nasty nip! But they need to be handled properly – hamsters can suffer broken legs and other injuries if they’re not handled correctly. Go to: to read more about hamsters.
      Let me know what you decide Katie.

      • Olivia

        My hamsters are sort of nocturnal but the moment I sit down by there cage and say something then out they pop out the tunnel into there bed.

  15. I love dogs

    Is their an Ali’s pet care dwarf hamsters?

  16. Poppy x

    I have one hamster called pickle. i really want a African Land Snail or two. can you give me some tips on them and some good persuasive ideas as well. thanks. p.s i love the mags and so does everyone who has them.(which includes about all of my relatives and school friends.)

  17. Adelle

    Ali don’t you just think that picture is just so cute?

  18. Anastasia 13.7.15

    I had a realy sweet hampster called cloe. But she died some while ago

  19. Katy Woods

    I think hamsters are so cute I have two myself. I have named my girl hamster fluffy and the boy is called Blue Bow.

  20. Lily

    My brother has a pet hamster called Luke Skyhamster!!!

  21. zoe

    i might get a hamster. and i can’t wait they are so cute.
    how are you Ali.

  22. Eleanor

    I have a Russian dwarf, and shes soooooo cute and also really curious


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