Cheryl’s happy tails: Thomas the cat

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I’d like you to meet Thomas.

Thomas was rehomed by the RSPCA and went to live with lovely Jessica and Gareth in December 2011. Over the last year he has become a very important member of the family and has captivated his new owners with his fab personality. Jessica and Gareth wanted to share their amazing photos with us. Take a peek and see what one little cat can get up to at home!


Here’s Thomas after being caught playing with straws. Counting them maybe, or flicking them around with his paws – either way it’s good fun.

TV time

Thomas loves to watch a bit of telly and what could be better than watching a film about cats? Especially when one of the characters has got the same name as you!

Where have you bin?

Cats have lots of decisions to make. Bin or cat bed? Bin or cat bed? Definitely bin! So much more comfortable and just the right shape. Sadly Thomas is just too tall to hide himself completely but he doesn’t seem to mind.

And relax

After a long day playing with straws and watching tv Thomas needs a well-earned rest. Here he is with his new mum looking very content.

Come back in a few weeks to see more of Thomas’ adventures.

Before being rehomed Thomas was cared for by staff at RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre in County Durham. See why we think rehoming’s so great!



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19 Responses to “Cheryl’s happy tails: Thomas the cat”

    • Tash

      ahhh I just wannna cat who does that too! No I wannna cat full stop!

  1. Chloe Austin Hawkins

    aww that is so cute our cats simba and sooty don’t watch tv sooty doesn’t come into the living room but when i hold simba up for her to watch it she just looks away as if the tv is trying to hipnytise her!!

  2. victoria

    tom is a verry cute cat i like the one when he is in the bin

    • victoria

      my dog barley he is a black labrodor he is a cute one too he is 20 months old.

      • Jasper (I'm a dog)

        Very young. (I think)

      • Olivia

        I have a dog Jasper and a cat Sophia.

  3. Kate

    He is sooo cute!!!! I have 2 cats and they don’t watch tv, it would be so cool if they did!!!

  4. Amber Amber

    I think Thomas looks like a great pet. I would love to meet him. I sit in the bin sometimes too. Hehe!

  5. Hannah

    Arww!! He is so cute! what a great personality! Hope he is having fun! Wish i had a cat!! 🙁


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