Eric’s seasonal tips: spring

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Have you noticed, it’s getting much lighter in the mornings?

And the evenings too. You know what that means? Spring is on the way! Hurray, lots of lovely flowers will start popping up and lots of baby animals will be born. Oooh, that reminds me…

Don’t touch!

As this is the time of year that many wild animals have their young, we get lots of calls about ‘abandoned’ babies, such as fox cubs or chicks. But, in most cases, they haven’t been abandoned at all, and their parents are nearby, so it’s best to leave them alone.

Fox cubs explore around their den at four weeks old and fledglings (young birds which have left the nest but still need feeding) normally leave the nest after only two weeks! If you are still concerned about a young animal, you can read our advice on fox cubs and baby birds.

Frogs and toads

If you haven’t already seen any frogspawn, watch out for it appearing on ponds. Often there is a lot of frogspawn, which can look a bit over-crowded, but don’t worry, you won’t suddenly be over-run with thousands of frogs. Only about five of every 2,000 eggs laid will result in a healthy adult. That’s only one in every 400 – isn’t that amazing?


It might look warmer but spring can still be a bit chilly, especially in the early months. Keep a close eye on outdoor pets, such as guinea pigs and rabbits. Put extra bedding in their homes and keep them in a shed or garage for extra shelter, until it’s a bit warmer outside.

And that reminds me too – summer’s just around the corner! Marvellous 🙂



I'm Eric. A few years ago I was run over by a lawnmower. I still have nightmares about it now... But I'm much better and very happy roaming around - I just get a bit spooked sometimes. I'm here to tell you lots of important things about the RSPCA and animals and I might even do a few reviews. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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36 Responses to “Eric’s seasonal tips: spring”

  1. Kate

    Thank you for all the interesting information, my guinea pigs are inside at the moment as it is snowy outside, we have them in on our laps every so often so they stay warm and cosy. 🙂

    • Eric Eric

      That sounds lovely Kate. Being warm and cosy is the best thing ever 🙂

      • Chloe Austin Hawkins

        yeah when my little bengal cat , simba , feels cold i put her in my bed and bad news!! when i go to bed she stares at me and meows and 5 mins later she kicks me with her legs and keeps doing it at night and i have to sleep on the floor!!!

  2. Rebecca

    There are hedgehogs in my back garden, you can hear them at night!!!! I think they have just had some babys!!!

  3. Lana

    I found a baby bird once, it was the middle of winter, it had fallen out of its nest and was freezing to death in the snow. We didn’t know if it had been abandoned, but we didn’t know it was a baby until we took it to the vets ( because it was the middle of winter ). Its parents never took it back and it had to be put down though 🙁

      • Sarah E Sarah E

        Hi Olivia, it means the bird had to be euthanased, or put to sleep. 🙁

  4. abbie

    I saw a cat and it attacked a baby sparrow so at seven in the morning i went outside in my pjs and scared the cat and got it . It recovered in two days and we let it go where we seen it and it flew away.:)

  5. misty

    my rabbit has just pasted away and i have still got the one but he is really shy with me what do i do for him to get used to me? (think)

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hi Misty, it’s really difficult when one pet dies, leaving another alone isn’t it? Some animals are ok, while others can’t get used to losing their friend. Rabbits should not be kept alone, so in a while, it might be worth finding another neutered rabbit to be a friend for yours. Depending on what sex of rabbit you have will depend on whether you get a male or a female (buck or doe).
      The next animal action, which is out in about a month, is a special rabbit issue with lots of great advice on giving bunnies what they need to be healthy and happy. But, for now you should get down on the ground in your bunny’s enclosure and wait for him/her to come to you. Whatever you do, don’t force your rabbit to come and see you. He might just want some quite time or even be scared of you.
      Also, later in the year, animal action will be featuring an article all about how pets behave when their pet buddy passes away.
      Good luck Misty.

      • Chloe Austin Hawkins

        my guniea pig , i had two , died and the other one , boots , we got her a dog toy , soft one, and she licked it when it got dirty picked it up with her mouth and therw it when she was angry and she had lots of atteion and veg to eat
        when she died the dog toy was put with her in her grave

  6. Jenna rose gillatt

    They are birds in the back of my bedroom wall . They just had some babys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ♡ listening to them.

  7. Olivia

    I’m sorry for Eric being run over by a lawnmower. Is he all right?

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hi Olivia, Eric is 100% recovered now thank you. Like lots of hedgehogs and other wildlife at this time of year, he got caught by a lawnmower. When the drier, warmer weather arrives in spring, people go out in their gardens and start to tidy up, which often includes mowing the lawn. Sometimes, hedgehogs have just woken from hibernation when the lawnmower appears. Luckily, Eric only suffered minor injuries to his spines. Thanks to wildlife vets at the Animal Centre, his spines were saved and the damaged ones have re-grown. Thanks for asking Olivia 😉

      • grace

        Is cold OK for hamsters? I’m wondering because once my hamster almost got into the freezer.

      • Sarah E Sarah E

        Hi Grace, I can’t think of any animals – except perhaps polar bears – who would like being in a freezer! Definitely not hamsters.
        Have you read Ali’s pet care post on hamsters? It’s fab! 🙂

  8. Lily

    I have bats living in my back garden !!!!! I’ve seen them once and there was 3!!!!!


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