Eggs-cellent Easter

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Are you just like me and can’t wait for Easter Sunday?

I’ve actually been really kind and given one of my own freshly-laid eggs to every one of my Park pals! Hope I get something back.

I need your help!

Now, talking of eggs, Easter is a really good time to think about the eggs that you eat! As you know, I have a really lovely life in the Park but, unfortunately, lots of my friends don’t have it so easy or comfortable. But, there is a small way that you can help! All you need to do is ask your mum or dad to buy the right type of eggs when they go shopping and they could be helping the lives of my friends. How great is that?!

Make a difference

Did you know that about half of the 34 million hens that lay eggs in the UK are kept in cages and conditions that the RSPCA thinks is unacceptable? And I agree!

But, there’s good news – more and more people are choosing eggs laid by hens kept in free-range farm and barn systems. So, please, please, please join them and ask your mum or dad to buy either Freedom Food, free-range or barn eggs to make a difference to the lives of millions of these hens. It really would make me so happy.

What does the label mean?

So, when buying eggs – or products containing eggs – make sure your family looks out for these labels:

Freedom Food: these products come from animals reared on farms inspected to RSPCA welfare standards (so they’re really good!).

Free-range: Free-range laying hens have the same sort of housing as a barn system, but the birds can also go outside during the daytime.

Barn: A barn system keeps the hens inside, with perches to roost on and space to move around and exercise. Nest boxes provide a quiet place for egg-laying and at least one-third of the area is covered in litter material for the hens to scratch and dustbathe in.

Eggs from caged hens: Bad choice – these hens are confined to a wire cage and kept in small groups. Each hen has less space than an A4 piece of paper! Can you imagine that? And limited facilities are provided for the hens to scratch, nest and perch.

If you’d really like to help, why not read more about choosing eggs?

Have a very Happy Easter everyone!




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19 Responses to “Eggs-cellent Easter”

  1. lexi

    We always buy freerange eggs,it’s unfair to know that the hens and chickens were kept couped up.

    • Chloe Austin Hawkins

      yeah the hens and chickens should be better kept

  2. Bridget Bridget

    Wow, you are all super fantastic! Thanks for helping me and my friends out 🙂

  3. Pengu

    I don’t eat eggs at all because I’m vegan. I eat tofu instead.

    • Amelia

      Cool! My cousions a vegan, but I don’t think I could cope without eggs!

  4. Amelia

    I always chose free range eggs as well as free range meat. Its good to know the animals have had a happy life, not cooped up. There are two different families in my village that have chickens and sell the eggs. So we can see which chickens are eggs have come from!!

  5. sophie

    hi everyone i had only had 4-7 easter eggs how many did you get:-)

  6. Alice

    poor chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will shure buy free-range eggs!


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