Crossword crazy!

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How are your holidays going?

Well, I hope they’re going really well and that you’ve been enjoying time with your friends and family.

Oh I love the summer, although I always keep out of the sun and try and stay as cool as possible.

As well as taking it easy, I’ve actually found the time to put together a fun coded crossword, which I know you’ll just love (I love puzzles!). It’s all about African wildlife – try and see if you’ve heard of all the animals. Just click on the attachment below and away you go!

Have fun and carry on enjoying the summer. Woof woof!



Woof! I'm Dave and I just love life! Balls, running, eating, sleeping, playing, humans, boxes, sand, trees - well everything! My first owners left me but when I came to live in the Park things really turned around. You'll find me sniffing around the competitions and activities cos I love anything fun 🙂

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21 Responses to “Crossword crazy!”

    • issie

      so do i. ive got one called zoe who always steals food!

  1. I love dogs

    Is it in the next issue or is it in the “Oh Crumbs” issue.

  2. lexi

    Hi @rspcateam
    I absouloutley love animals-and i’m not kidding! I’m older and either want to work for the rspca or be a zooligist (sorry cant spell it) . And also i am a peskitarian (to make sure i get my protein !) and have heard about the Badger Cull and me and my mum have signed a petition and i’ve wrote a song/rap about it and was wondering is you had any details about where protests are and any updates? Thanks anyway x

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Hey Lexi, thanks for supporting the badgers. I like the sound of your song too. You could post it on here if you like and I could perhaps publish it in animal action. What do you think? Also, go to the RSPCA’s main website at: http://www.rspca.org.uk for up to date information on the badger situation.

  3. lexi

    Yay thanyou! If i posted my song i would somehow prefer for it to be private on here but i’m more than happy for it to be in the mag! Is there anyway that’s possible? Thanks x

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      No problem lexi – I understand! Just post it to me at the animal action address: animal action, publications and brand, RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 9RS. Then I’ll see if I cna get it into the magazine somewhere. cool!

    • catz_rock

      Wow Lexi, well done for writing a song!
      I’ve tried to write songs before but I can never get it quite right!
      Hope it gets put in the mag as I’d love to read it!

      • lexi

        Aw yay thankyouu Catz_rock -they really do rock ! Oh and to the RSPCA i’m just editing it x

      • Elisa

        RSPCA I would make a song if I could sing xx

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Hi loppylo, this is one you have to print out I’m afraid. Click on the attachment and print it and then fill it in with a pen or pencil!


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