All we want for Christmas is…

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Can you guess what everyone wants?

It’s sooo exciting, as it’s getting closer to Christmas. Are you preparing your lists? Here at the Park all the gang have have been busy trying to think of what they would really like, so take a peek at their list and see what you think.


A plate of juicy plants/shoots and some binoculars.


A new, sturdy perch in the woods and an encyclopedia.


A bowl of RSPCA bird seed and a megaphone.


A new hen house and an art and crafts set.


A lovely new waterproof coat and rollerskates.


A new, comfy pink bed and a pretty mirror and brush set.


A bucket of herrings or mackerel and a sledge.


A fresh bale of hay and a book of fairytales.


Peace and quiet (he’s hibernating!) and a 2014 diary.

Ooh, and we’ve been thinking too…

We’ll definitely be popping these things on our Christmas lists.

Sarah K

A super-duper sewing machine.

Sarah E

Michael Buble to join her for Christmas dinner!


Some super-soft snuggly slippers (I’ve always got cold feet!).


Toys! Toys! Toys!

And you…?

I’d love to know what’s on your Christmas list so go on, let me know.



Hello, I'm Christine and I'm part of the team who work on the Animal Action magazine. I've been at the RSPCA for quite a while and just love being part of such a great organisation. My most favourite animals are dogs and I have a soft spot for Westies.

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15 Responses to “All we want for Christmas is…”

  1. Alice

    well, my Christmas list are the puppy patrol books and animal DVDs! I hope you all get what you want xxx 🙂

    • Olivia

      Now I wish I put that on my christmas list. 🙁 At least I asked for a surprise though, that could be my surprise. 🙂 😉

  2. laura b

    one direction to join me for when I open my Christmas presents

    • Olivia

      I don’t think santa will fit them on his sleigh though. Ha ha. P.s. That “ha ha” signh isn’t a taunt sighn it’s a joke. 😉

  3. Olivia

    I asked for these texture robotic dogs, robotic fish that swim under water and night vision goggles. Jasper (my dog) says woof which means “Toys like Doughal wants” Sophia (my cat) says meow which means “a new toy mouse” Nibbles and Hammy (my dwarf hamsters) squeak which means “broccoli and mealworms”

  4. Freya

    Im happy with any animal related stuff! I wanted an IPad but my mum and dad said theyre too exspensive! Ive also got my guinea pigs an Xmas prezzie and I want them to be able to unwrap it themselves. DOes anyone know if you can get guinea pig friendly wrapping paper???

  5. Rabbit06

    I would love a puppy however that’s not going to happen. I’m going to get my pets some Christmas presents.

  6. Maya

    I wanted some cuddly toys( not embarrassed even though i am eleven) and fossils.


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