Don’t miss our brilliant pet game!

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Have you ever played our online game Pet Respect?

Nope? You’re seriously missing out – I love it!

What happens is you pretend to be the editor of animal action and get to work through activities that will make up the content of the magazine. Each activity is great for testing what you know about animals and finding out what makes your pet super-happy. When I did it, I got everything about dogs right, but not the other stuff. Here’s what it looks like when you land on the website:

pet respect screenshot

What’s really great is you can create an online account so you can save and come back to  your game. I have to say it’s really quite long (in a good way), so you might want to do that!

Get creative!

When you’ve worked through the activities you get to design the cover of your magazine! Have a look at the one I did on the left here. What do you think? There’s a dog on the cover – naturally – and the headline says ‘Dogs are the best!’.

When you’re happy with your cover you can print the whole magazine. This means you can look back over it any time for amazing hints and tips on looking after pets. (Just make sure your parents are happy for you to use the printer!)

Speaking of parents, there’s a section just for them so they can join in too. Check it out now at: www.rspca-petrespect.co.uk. Use the comments bit below to let us know how you got on and what awesome things you’ve learned.



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17 Responses to “Don’t miss our brilliant pet game!”

  1. alice

    I Would loooove play! It Would feel awesome to play a game were I can learn more about pets too!

  2. Sophie

    I absolutely would love to play a new game like that 🙂

  3. Mamiza

    Omg this game is so awesome I am going to play now

  4. Sharna

    I played it, sooo cool. You should do a comp: Best editor wins something!

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      It’s for children! I did it too though, pretty much anyone will enjoy it 🙂

  5. blue furry awesome feret

    that seems like an AWESOME game


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