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Red FoxIt’s warming up a little, at long last.

So, we’re saying goodbye to winter, but what types of wildlife can we expect to see in spring?

Well, fox cubs start taking their first steps outside their earth (den) at about four weeks old, and it’s quite normal for them to wander above ground. But, please don’t be tempted to ‘rescue’ them. The cubs’ parents or relatives are usually nearby keeping a close eye on them.

Feathered friends

Bryn has asked me to remind you about baby birds (fledglings). Please leave them alone! Even if you think they’ve been abandoned, their parents will probably be nearby collecting food and they won’t return to the fledglings until you’ve gone. A fledgling will usually leave the nest about two weeks after hatching, just before they can fly. They will have grown all or most of their feathers and can walk, run and hop onto low branches.

Marsh Frog
Garden visitors

You may find that your garden pond is overcrowded with frogspawn at this time of year. Don’t worry though as only five in every 2,000 eggs will become an actual frog!

Hedgehogs will be coming out of hibernation and will be looking for food! Eric said that leaving out food – like non fish-based cat or dog food and chopped boiled eggs, as well as fresh clean water – will really help any hedgehog visitors you may have.

Domestic Rabbit

And don’t forget that family pets will still need extra care during these first few chilly weeks of spring. Keep a close eye on guinea pigs and rabbits and remember to put extra bedding in their homes and place them in a shed or garage if it gets very cold. Remember that rabbits are likely to have less opportunity to forage in the garden for grass and leafy greens, so it is important to provide safe, fresh leafy greens every day.

Enjoy the warmer weather and jump into spring!



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    Thank you, Learnado! I love spring(my birthday is in April) Do you like spring

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    Yay spring. More walks. Owners coming out more often to play fetch. And being trained a lot. (I like being trained beacause I always get a treat if I obey)

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    It will be great to see more animals this spring since they all hibernate in the winter!

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    I love spring because all the baby animals come out!!!


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