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Mice are pretty small as far as pets go.

Sometimes even smaller than hamsters. They’re more similar to rats than hamsters though – in fact baby rats and adult mice can be tricky to tell apart at first glance. Also that just goes to show how teeny mice can be!

Mouse (c) iStockNot only are mice small – they’re fast! That means they can be tricky to handle so make sure that you are very careful with them when they’re out of their cage. Like many small animals they’re a prey species, so they’ll be keen to stay close to cover at all times.

Mice have lovely long whiskers and tails which are very important to them – they use their tails for balance and gripping things and their whiskers for sensing what’s around them. You should never pick up a mouse by its tail or trim its whiskers!

Fun facts
  • Mice in the wild can be very hard to spot. They tend to live in woodland, fields, gardens and hedgerows and use their long tails to cling onto twigs and crops.

  • Mice are famous for their big ears – they are very sensitive to sound so it’s important to keep them away from sudden and high-pitched noises.

If you’ve got pet mice, or are thinking of getting some, the attachment below has lots of great advice, so make sure you have a look!



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14 Responses to “Ali’s pet care: mice”

  1. Freya

    I like mice, loads of people think theyre horrible pests, same with rats, but i think theyre cute 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I like mice and I think it is all true I absolutely love animals so Ali’s pet advice is cool.

  2. Adelle

    Thank you Ali for posting that. That mouse picture is so cute!

  3. Alice

    I Would love a small animal but it probably not get on very Well with my cat!:-)

    • Olivia

      You could keep your cat outside when you want to handle it.

  4. Olivia

    That mouse in the picture is the same size as my two dwarf hamsters. Mice are easy to get lost like dwarf hamsters, sometimes I lose my dwarf hamsters and have to look around the living room and find them either under the couch or running on the dogs mat.

  5. ilovetherspca

    I have a gerbil there a bit like rats and mice

  6. R

    I love animals so animal action is the glory of my life.

  7. Annelise

    I have 3 pet mice and a old cat and the mice are fine!:)

  8. Lily

    I’m going to ask Santa if I can have a pet for Christmas!!!


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