Top six rehoming tips

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Children and AnimalsIt sounds like a lovely idea.

It’s also really rewarding, but there’s quite a lot to consider before taking on a new pet. So I’ve made a little checklist, to see if you and your family have got what it takes to rehome an RSPCA animal.


Do you have the time and patience to give a new pet lots of love, care and attention every single day?


Does your home have enough space for the animal you’d like to rehome? Some animals would ideally need a garden, or access to outside space.

Vet treating a kitten

How about if you rehomed a dog – would you be able to exercise it regularly (whatever the weather)?


Owning a pet isn’t cheap. It’s not just food, bedding, toys etc that they need, but vets bills can be expensive too.

Other pets

Do you have any? Would they like to have a new pet living with them? And remember, not all animals get on with each other.


Are you or any of your family allergic to animals (fur, feathers etc)?

The RSPCA rehomes thousands of animals every year and we make sure that every one goes to the right home. Take a look at the rehoming section of our website for more information and to see what animals are in need of loving new homes.



Hi, I'm Amber. I was abandoned when I was six weeks old but the RSPCA looked after me and my life's been fab ever since! I love making friends and I'll sit on your lap happily for hours, if you'll let me. I love learning and catching up with the news. See you around!

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7 Responses to “Top six rehoming tips”

  1. Alice

    Amazing!! I Couldn’t get better even if I tried xxxxxxxxxx

    • Emily Ferdiando

      I’ve got a dog but she is very easy to look after!!! I seariosily couldn’t get a better one

      • Alice

        I think it is great for pet owners or people who want a pet- even cooler written by a cat 🙂

    • Alice

      Pet owner or no pet owner
      Going to rehome or not going to rehome you’ll still LOVE these tips
      Good one Amber

  2. Sharna

    I wish soooooo much (like you wouldn’t believe)I had a dog. I know all about how they should heel, not jump up, bark, etc. But I understand they are expensive. Wish the price would go down 🙁

    • Alice

      I know – because of the price horses 2r being dumpt


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