Terrific Tizer!

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Come and meet gorgeous rescue cat Tizer

Tizer, a very handsome, semi-long haired, ginger tomcat, was rehomed by the Torres family through the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey.

What a handsome pusscat

Shy puss

The write up on his enclosure said he was shy but lovely once he got to know you.

Tizer was very shy when he first arrived

Full of fizz!

Mrs Torres said: “At first he spent much of his time hiding upstairs or under a bed, but gradually he plucked up the courage and he’s now the loveliest cat we’ve ever known. He’s got such a soft and gentle temperament and never wants to be alone – as soon as someone gets in the door or when he comes in from outside he wants endless cuddles and attention, not to mention a good brushing!”

He soon made himself at home!

Perfect pet

And added: “We are so glad we’ve been able to help him overcome his shyness and adapt to his new peaceful home.

Tizer is now a relaxed and very happy cat

Thank you for taking good care of Tizer at the start and for such a lovely new addition to our family.”

What a lovely rehoming story! To find out more about rehoming an RSPCA pet, check out the website



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21 Responses to “Terrific Tizer!”

    • Alice

      I know I soooooo understand why his owners chose him – He’s sweet lovely and a perfect pet

  1. Alice

    sooooooooooooo like the Ferrel cat who’s ‘adopted’ us- shy at first but now loves to be brushed, have company and he sleeps like tizer!!!!!!!
    I’m so glad tizer found a home xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Emily Ferdinando

    Soooooooo cute hope to see more of Tizer

    • Alice

      Yeah me too that cat is soooooooooooooooo sweet!!!

  3. Daisy

    He looks soft in both ways- his fur and personality

    • Alice

      I know – he is sooooooooooooooooo sweet and lovely
      And you’re right soft in both ways

    • Alice

      Yeah! Will he become the Next Thomas?
      (A cat that was on the happy tails with 4 posts about him)

      • Sarah K Sarah K

        Good question! I’m afraid there’s just one post about Tizer, not four like Thomas. This is because we had lots of lovely photos of Thomas to show you, but only a few of Tizer.

      • Alice

        Sad- but I’ll always look at the pics they remind me of my cat 🙂

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