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Seriously cool seals video

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Look at this amazing video

It was filmed by 18-year-old Danielle Connor when she visited the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk. Her video shows off some of the lovely grey seals that are currently in RSPCA care there.

Most of these seals were rescued as pups and need to learn how to catch fish before they can be released. Once they have mastered that, and are a healthy enough weight, they can be returned to the wild.

Lucky Danielle won the visit after scooping top prize at the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2013. Visit the YPA website to be in with a chance of winning this year – but hurry, the competition closes in 10 days!

This video is the property of Danielle Connor.
Sarah K

Sarah K

Hi, I'm Sarah and I look after our fantastic junior membership. I've been at the RSPCA for seven years and I've loved every minute. There are so many dogs around the office - it's great to get to know them all! I love animals and used to have five amazing pet rats. And, in case you didn't know, rats are possibly THE best pet. Well to me anyway. I don't have a favourite animal though - I think they're all amazing. I've even started to like spiders a bit more, weird I know! The thing I enjoy most is seeing animals in their natural habitat - to me there's not much more thrilling than that.

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11 Responses to “Seriously cool seals video”

  1. Alice

    They are soooooo sweet I LOVE seals
    GOOD LUCK 2 all seals@the RSPCA

  2. Anna

    Awww, I love animals, and that video is filmed really well!

  3. CoCo

    Aww!!!!!!! i love every type of animal apart from some insects, slugs and snails! love the part where the seal sniffs the camera!

  4. emily

    i love seals and that video is so good.
    well done!

  5. Missy ♥ animals

    Sooooooooooo cute !i love the rspca animals and nature!


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