Build a bug hotel

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Have you all had a wonderful summer?

The school holidays seem to have flown by, but I hope you’re feeling refreshed and enjoying being back at school and seeing all your friends again.

To prepare for the autumn months, I’ve got a lovely class activity for your school grounds, that you can make with your friends and which will really help some of my friends too! You may need some help from a teacher or an adult as some of the materials are heavy.

bug hotel pallets

You will need:
  • Wooden pallets
  • Hay/straw
  • Dried leaves and twigs
  • Rotten wood
  • Bricks with holes in
  • Cardboard tubes and old newspapers
  • Large piece of plywood
bug hotel pallet and bricks
Make it!

1. Lift the first pallet and gently lay it where you want the hotel to be. This is the base, so make sure you’re all happy and that it’s in the right place.

2. Put the bricks around the edges and then place another pallet on top. Bricks with holes in are great for minibeasts to crawl in and explore their hotel. Maybe stuff the holes with some straw as an extra treat.

bug hotel stuffing

3. Repeat step two about four or five more times – the bug hotel should really be taking shape now and you can see what it’s going to look like when it’s finished.

4. Stuff cardboard tubes (like old wrapping paper tubes, kitchen roll tubes or toilet roll tubes) with straw. Centipedes, beetles and other types of garden bugs will happily live in these cosy dry tubes and place these in between each layer of the pallets.

bug hotel all finished

5. Fill any gaps with old newspapers, leaves, twigs and straw – the bugs will thank you for it. The bugs’ accommodation is nearly finished, just make sure it’s full to bursting with dried leaves, straw, twigs and rotten wood.

6. The roof is a large piece of plywood that keeps dry materials in – and the wet stuff out! And, lastly, pop something heavy on top, like a paving slab or a few bricks, to keep the plywood in place.

The hotel is now ready for its first visitors!



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  1. Alice

    Can’t wait 2 try out I hope ALOT of bugs visit me

  2. Eva Dore

    I like getting slugs and snails and making my own bug hotels.


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