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Let’s talk exotics…

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Do you know what an exotic animal is? Would you ever consider having one as a pet?

Chameleons have very specific needs.

Firstly, an exotic animal is any animal kept as a pet that is a little more unusual. Here at the RSPCA we mainly class these as reptiles (this is mostly snakes, lizards and turtles), amphibians (mostly frogs) and invertebrates (insects, spiders, beetles etc) – but it can include fish, birds and some of the more exotic mammals such as monkeys, sugar gliders, pigmy hedgehogs and possums.

Specific needs

So exotics are unusual pets with very specific needs. Anyone who keeps one must give the animal the same environment as it would have in the wild. The truth is, you can’t mostly because of space. However, some exotic animal keepers do a very good job of coming close.

Marmoset monkeys should never be kept as pets

So whether you have a bearded dragon, an emperor scorpion, a corn snake or a tropical fish, the animal’s environment in captivity must meet the needs of the animal, as it would in the wild. To achieve this, its enclosure must be as close to its natural environment as possible.

You have to consider temperature, humidity, light, heat, diet and companionship, to name a few. Specialist exotic vets are often hard to find too – you can’t take an exotic animal to just any vet.

I wouldn’t want to have an exotic animal as a pet, but would you?

Sarah E

Sarah E

Hello my name is Sarah. I put together animal action magazine (with the help of Dougal, my gorgeous cockerpoo pooch!). I also have two cats - Coco and Tom. Dougal LOVES Coco, but is a bit scared of Tom. He knows what Tom's claws can do! I love all animals so working for the RSPCA is perfect for me. I can't wait to start talking to you all over this brilliant blog! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Let’s talk exotics…”

  1. Alice

    Having exotics are only fair if you know your stuf and even then some animals are unfair to keep- always think of how you’d like it before you act

  2. Eva Dore

    I think people should only turn an animal into a pet if the animal doesn’t mind.

  3. Harpseal girl45

    My grandad has a pet turtle and he is really happy there.:)


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