RSPCA video: Leybourne Animal Centre

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Want to see some of our gorgeous animals?

Just watch this video! It was filmed at Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent and features a rabbit, cats, dogs and a chinchilla, all who were staying there at the time. You’ll also get a glimpse of some of our hard-working animal care assistants.

I hope you love it as much as we do!



Hi, I'm Amber. I was abandoned when I was six weeks old but the RSPCA looked after me and my life's been fab ever since! I love making friends and I'll sit on your lap happily for hours, if you'll let me. I love learning and catching up with the news. See you around!

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10 Responses to “RSPCA video: Leybourne Animal Centre”

  1. Gwen age 7

    If you have a puppy you have to take
    Lots of responsibility.

  2. lydia

    Those animals are sooo cute. Every animal deserves a good life.

    • izzy

      I know right! Every animal deserves a good life, even if their old one was not perfect.

  3. izzy

    the cat in the middle of the video reminds me of my old cat who died recently. he is a grey and white cat. the ‘Manx bi-colour’.

  4. Emily

    Now I have just joined the RSPCA club, I am finally meeting people with the same point of views as me. I would love a job here but I would need to work on the emotional states I would be in seeing such adorable animals in pain. This video is super cute! It must be a dream seeing all these wonderful animals recover more each day.Everyone working around the world for animals is doing such a great job. Thank you. 🙂

    • BLUE FURry awesome ferret

      I totally agree Emily. All animals deserve a great life and that’s what the RSPCA are giving them!

  5. blue furry awesome ferret

    That video was sooooooooooooo cute! when i grow up i would like to be an animal care assistant just like them. Those animals deserve a second chance!#:)


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