Seriously silly phone calls

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The RSPCA receives one call about every four seconds.

Most of them are incredibly important calls that result in amazing animal rescues. But they’re not always quite what we expect. Check out some of the crazy calls we’ve had so far this year:


    Someone rang to say that they wanted us to investigate something they had seen – a monkey in a rabbit suit! That’s bananas.

  • A woman rang up to ask if someone from the RSPCA would come along to her birthday lunch as a guest! Oops, I think I can guess the answer.

  • One person rang to complain that they’d overheard someone call their cross-breed dog a mongrel! Sounds like they’re barking up the wrong tree.

  • Someone rang about an unwell rat in their kitchen, which hadn’t moved for some time. When the inspector arrived he discovered it was just an onion that had rolled out of a shopping bag! Oh dear…

Wow, I can hardly believe some of these calls! Whilst they are pretty funny, it’s important to remember that the time spent on them could have delayed us in getting help to an animal that’s really in trouble. So remember, if you need to contact the RSPCA’s cruelty line, make sure it’s for a genuine reason.

Now, where’s my pet onion?


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11 Responses to “Seriously silly phone calls”

  1. Alice

    Poor Rspca! They should be on serious cases not rescuing someone’s ‘onion’ pet!
    Think before you ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    oh dear! thats just a waste of time and money for the rspca!!!!!

  3. Keri McVeigh

    why would someone do that it is wasting time and there might be a real call they have to go to!

  4. Amelia Hancock

    Bonkers count your onions once you get home!!

  5. Jessica Robbins

    Those calls are even more mad than my cat Jimmy,he is incredibly mad. At Christmas he climbed the tree countless times and knocked it over once.

  6. Ellie



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