Gone, but not forgotten

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Can we talk about the tricky issue of what happens when your pet dies?

It's tough when your pet dies, but talking about it is good.

Your pet’s death is inevitable – I mean it’s definitely going to happen – so don’t be afraid to talk about it and share emotions when it does.

To make things easier, I’ve come up with a five step plan for you (and separate words of encouragement on how best to treat your remaining pet).

Small steps

1.  Take your time – when a pet dies, it’s perfectly natural to feel upset and emotional. Some people feel better after a few days or weeks, while others take months or even years.

2. No blame – don’t blame yourself, or other people, for your pet’s death. If you treated it well and took it to the vet when it was poorly, you did everything you could.

3. Start talking – don’t bottle up all your sad thoughts, talking to family and friends is really helpful. Perhaps you could write down your feelings in a poem, story or diary.

4. Positive thoughts – you won’t be able to help thinking about how much you miss your pet, but make sure you remember the good times.

5. Online support – If you find it too hard to talk about your feelings, you could contact the Pet Bereavement Support Service, run by The Blue Cross and the Society for Companion Animal Studies. Email them at: or phone them on: 0800 096 6606.

What about pets that are left behind?
A pet’s loss

Now, as well as you, there may be another pet in the house that is suffering the loss of a friend. The best thing to do is ask a vet for advice, but also give your remaining pet plenty of cuddles and play time, new toys and some treats. If it’s a dog that’s lost its canine friend, take him/her for plenty of walks with other friendly dogs and keep his/her mind occupied.

Always remember, time is a great healer and you will feel better soon.


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23 Responses to “Gone, but not forgotten”

  1. Eva Dore

    I read this in the magazine. Yeah, when a pet dies it’s quite a wonder what the other pets think.

  2. Alice

    I don’t know why but in the last few months we haven’t had as much bloggers posting comments as there usually is……

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Do you think so Alice? We are still getting some lovely comments but I agree we always need more! Why not spread the word among your friends and get them to visit the blog?!

      • Alice

        I will! And I’ll write as much as pos too!
        PS: I hope this doesn’t sound impatient, but when will I get the next mag out of interest?

      • Sarah K Sarah K

        Thanks Alice, that would be amazing! I have great news for you too – members will start to get the next animal action from this Saturday onwards!

    • Alice

      I cannot wait!! I love animal action and am proud to be a member 🙂

      • Sarah E Sarah E

        And we are proud to have you as a member Alice! Thanks for posting 😉

      • Emma Emma

        Welcome to the Animal Acion Park blog!

  3. lydia

    I lost a gerbil last year. It is always sad to lose a pet.

    • Alice

      So sorry. A friend’s dog died a while ago and that was hard enough for me!

  4. Alice

    Hello again! Just thought I’d tell you that the RSPCA scholastic books are brilliant!!!! I am reading Lamb all alone for the (I think!)3rd time and it’s brill! My faves are: the lonely pony and tiny goat in trouble and I hope to read: bunny needs a friend, bad day for badger and a snowy robin rescue!

      • Alice

        I’m asking for some for Christmas they’re fun and much better than getting a pet for Christmas and making it suffer!

  5. izzy

    my cat died recently, and November the 5th was his birthday! im so sad he didn’t get to live past his birthday, he would of been 17! I have been with him since I was born (10 years), and I remember he used to sleep in my cot, and later on hide under my bed. we are going to plant a tree, and get a headstone for him, it might be a while ’till we get another pet, as I am still grieving.

    • Maya

      Oh no… so sad. My cousin’s dog got hit by a car, it was so sad. He was such a lovely dog and nothing feels the same without him. I am still upset and not embarrased to admit I cry about him all the time. We were best of friends I can’t imagine what I’d do if my dog or my two cats died. I really understand how you feel.


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