Make a spooky spider!

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In just one week it will be Halloween!

Points 1 and 2

That means it’s time to get creative and make something spooky. How about a spider? It’s easy to make and will look really cool hanging up in your bedroom!

What you’ll need
  • A pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors (make sure an adult is around to supervise!)
  • Thick, coloured wool
  • Four black pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • White and black felt
Step one

Cut two large circles and two smaller circles out of the card. You can draw around an object (like the bottom of a glass) or use a compass – either way your large circles want to be around 6cm in diameter and the smaller ones about 4cm. Then cut out a circle from the middle of each piece of card – you can fold them in half and cut out a semi-circle if it’s easier.

Points 3 and 4Step two

Snip off a long length of wool and then hold the two large circles together, making sure the holes in the middle are lined up. Feed the wool through the hole and wrap it around and around the circle – after a while it will be too hard for you to push the wool through the middle. At this point you can stop winding and tuck the last bit of wool in somewhere. Now, carefully insert your scissors between the two card circles and snip along the wool, without everything falling apart!

Step three

Take a much shorter piece of wool and slide it in between the two pieces of card and then tie it around the wool in the middle to hold it in place. Repeat all of the above with the two small card circles, to make the head. Carefully pull out all of the card so you’re left with one large and one small pom pom! Tie your pieces of pipe cleaner together in the centre using the dangly bit of wool on the large pom pom and then glue them into place to make the legs.

Step four

Cut out two small circles of black felt and two slightly larger circles of white felt for the eyes. Glue the white on top of the black and then stick these onto the smaller pom pom. To finish off attach this to the larger pom pom, or body, with glue. Make sure you bend the pipe cleaners so they look like spider legs!

And you’re done! Enjoy your spooky spider.


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  1. lauren23/10/15

    Great!I’ll make one for halloween Bryn.


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