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December/January issue – out now!

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OFCx_animalactionDecJan2015Christmas is clearly coming because Dougal’s very excited!

So excited in fact that he’s on the cover of the latest issue, and he has a whole feature all to himself inside, full of present ideas for your pets. Take a peek at what he’s come up with for hamsters, rabbits, cats and dogs!

Deborah and donkeys
Back 2 school

Do you remember a little while ago we showed you how trainee inspectors Deborah and Jack were getting on? Well they’re back! This time they’re learning how to work with donkeys, farm animals, horses and cattle and also spent some time learning about scary traps and snares…eek!

Road to recovery

Rocky and owners

Turn to page 12 to meet lovely dog Rocky. He was beaten, shot and left to die but miraculously survived! You have got to read his amazing story and see how his life has turned around thanks to the RSPCA and his fantastic new owners.

What else is inside?

Meet this year’s three Write on! winners, stick up our gorgeous festive blue tit poster, get some great seasonal advice for pets and wildlife, and read up on the majestic peregrine falcon!

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Sarah K

Sarah K

Hi, I'm Sarah and I look after our fantastic junior membership. I've been at the RSPCA for seven years and I've loved every minute. There are so many dogs around the office - it's great to get to know them all! I love animals and used to have five amazing pet rats. And, in case you didn't know, rats are possibly THE best pet. Well to me anyway. I don't have a favourite animal though - I think they're all amazing. I've even started to like spiders a bit more, weird I know! The thing I enjoy most is seeing animals in their natural habitat - to me there's not much more thrilling than that.

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11 Responses to “December/January issue – out now!”

  1. catz_rock

    Received my magazine yesterday it’s awesome!

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Oooh, that’s great news! Thanks catz_rock 🙂

      • catz_rock

        I love animal action, it’s one of my favourite magazines! Keep up the good work RSPCA 🙂

      • Alice

        Sarah, on a holiday to Scotland I saw an owl in mid-flight and on the way back ,in the highlands,in front of us was a stag!

      • faith

        Sarah I’m stuck on how to send money me and my mates are having a non uniform day to raise money for the rspca artic challenge.

      • Sarah E Sarah E

        Hi Faith, great idea to have a non-uniform day; that will raise plenty of money I’m sure. Any money to do raise, you could send to the RSPCA headquarters at Supporter Services, RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 9RS. I don’t know about any Arctic challenge though. Is someone you know doing an Arctic challenge?

  2. Alice

    AMAZING issue- there’s something for everyone – I do believe it’s the best one yet
    keep it up!xxxxx

  3. Lucia

    Sarah, once I was in the field behind my house when I heard a rustle behind me.
    I turned round, and there, standing a couple feet away was a munjak!!!!!!!

    • Sarah E Sarah E

      Wow! That’s amazing Lucia! How lucky are you to have seen a deer so close. I’m quite envious 😉

  4. Ellie

    Sarah, I’m stuck.I can’t think of ways to raise money for the RSPCA? Do you know any ways?


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