Wrap up Christmas with Dougal

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Dougal loves playing in boxesIf you were a pet, what would you like for Christmas?

For me, it would be boxes and paper every time! And I reckon lots of my canine pals would agree. You see you can jump in boxes (as long as they’re big enough!), scratch on the bottom and they make a great sound, and actually sleep in them.

Dougal can't resist a box of paper

Sarah thinks I’m crazy, but I love them! I feel safe and cosy in a box. There, I’ve said it!

But how about a toy for a fun game of tug? Find an old t-shirt and knot it into a ball at one end, leaving the other end loose for something to hold onto. And there you have a fun toy that’s easy to replace when it’s worn out!

Kitty gifts

My feline housemates (Coco and Tom) also like boxes and paper. I’ve seen them get really excited over a box! Take it from me, cats love them. But, you could also give pusscats something to chase. Sarah made Coco and Tom a toy, which you could make for your feline friend.

Coco loves to play!

Find a cane pole (remove the net from a fishing pole for example) and tie some string round the end. Now you can attach a feather or anything you like to the end of the string and enjoy a game with you cat.

Happy hamsters

Tubes, tubes and more tubes! Hamsters love to run through, hide in and nibble the insides of kitchen rolls or toilet rolls. As long as they’re big enough for the hammy to fit through easily, they’re perfect!

You could even connect boxes with these tubes and watch your furry friend explore its new city set-up!

Hop to it!

Rabbits love hay as well as toysRabbits and hamsters have teeth that grow continuously, so gnawing toys are great presents for rabbits. Tie a bundle of untreated applewood or willow together with a strip of willow and watch them get their teeth into that!

But the best present of all, for all your pets, is spending time with them.



Hi, I'm Dougal! I'm a mixture between a cocker spaniel and a poodle and I'm nearly three years old! I belong to Sarah, editor of animal action magazine, and we come into work together every day. I love it in the animal action office as there are lots of people to say hi to - and lots of other dogs too. It's grrreat! Will you talk to me on the blog?

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5 Responses to “Wrap up Christmas with Dougal”

  1. Alice

    Great tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a play- obsessed cat so it’s nice to make something that doesn’t cost the earth

  2. Daisy

    I have a dog ant two guinea pigs. My dog has only seen Christmas once and I am sure he will love all the boxes and wrapping paper!!!! My guinea pigs will love your idea of the homemade gnawing toy! Thanks!

  3. Anastasia 13.7.15

    My pet hampster used to love to play with tubes,but she died 6 months ago

  4. Hollie

    Dougal asked us what we wanted for Christmas if we were a pet. Then I would wish for a toilet roll a ball and a scratching Pole.


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