Amazing dog transformations

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Here are three incredible stories

RSPCA inspectors do a wonderful job of rescuing all animals and here are some incredible transformations of rescued dogs who have gone on to be rehomed by amazingly caring people! These dogs finally have the lovely life that they deserve.


When Zimba was rescued she weighed just 15kg (about half the weight she should be!). Now rehomed, she’s doubled her weight to a healthy 31kg! She has been transformed into a loyal, confident, happy and loving member of her new family.

Zimba before
Zimba after








Little Bob

This little chap has come a long way since being rescued by the RSPCA. He was found in a car park when he was just six weeks old. He had been abandoned with a badly infected ruptured eyeball, lots of sores caused by mange and was really thin. Two years later and although he’s missing an eye, his new owner wouldn’t change him for the world.

little bob afterlittle bob before













This lovely little girl was found living rough in Antigua in the West Indies two years ago! She was very thin, starving, her coat was really matted and she had a broken leg! After being cared for properly she doubled in weight and her leg healed. She now has a lovely new life here in the UK.

Betty before


  Betty after









Aaah, what lovely happy endings…



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  1. Alice

    It proves it RSPCA are amazing -full stopxxxxxxxxxxx

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    I have just got my animal action pack and it’s wonderful!!!!
    They ARE really amazing!!!!!

  3. Catherine Dunphy

    I LOVE XX❤️❤️❤️Animal Action

  4. Missy ♥ animals

    Rspca you do amazing wonderful things keep it up! I love animals and nature and rspca ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ ♥ ♥


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