Have an amazing Christmas!

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ChristmasDougalLarge Ho! Ho! Hoot!

The rest of the gang asked me to pop along and wish you all a merry Christmas, so here I am. We hope that you’ve all had a brilliant day with yummy food, games, laughs and lots of presents.

If you’ve got pets remember it’s just another day to them so don’t forget their usual routine, which includes walking the dog – even if it is super-chilly outside!

See you again in the new year!

2015 here we come 🙂


Some call me a wise old owl and I'm not one to disagree. I came to Anmal Action Park after I was hit by a car and broke my wing. I made a full recovery though and now I fly around the park quite happily, sharing my knowledge and wisdom with anyone who'll listen. Look out for me telling you lots of interesting animals facts!

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  1. Alice

    I had the best Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all did too


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