Look what my baby’s called…

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Some animals have strange names for their young!

So, as it was Mother’s Day earlier this month, it got me thinking about the names of some of these baby animals. You may have heard of some of them, but one or two are really quite unusual.


  • Hare – leveret
  • Bat – pup
  • Ferret – kit
  • Elephant – calf
  • Pigeon – squab
  • Goat – kid
  • Fish – fry
  • Deer – fawn
  • Shark – pup
  • Platypus – puggle (my favourite!)

Do you know any more unusual names? Go on, let me know!



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3 Responses to “Look what my baby’s called…”

  1. ILOVEanimalz!!

    Puggle!! I love that!! i have had three hamsters and they had funny names too.
    our first was called peanut butter, she was a girl, then there was (deep breath!) secret-agent-sock also-known-as-mr-collins and she was a girl, and the one we have now is called blob of celery! XD

  2. Maya

    Puggle is fantastic! I know a few odd ones as well from my animal books(in alphabetical order except for alpaca)
    Boar- shoat/farrow
    Cicada- nymph
    Cod- Codling
    Alpaca- cria
    Mosquito – wriggler
    Mouse- pinkie
    Echidna- puggle
    Jellyfish- ephyna
    Hawk- eyas
    Grouse- squealer
    Frog-polliwog (as well as tadpole)
    Fish- fry, fingerling
    Eel- leptocephalus
    I bet there are even weirder ones than this, see if anyone else can spot any!


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