Easter chick treats!

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Why not make a whole family of cute chicks and give them to your friend with some mini chocolate eggs as a special Easter gift?

You will need…
  • Freedom food eggs
  • Pin
  • Bowl
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Orange paper
  • Orange pipe cleaner
  • Glue


All you need to do is…

1. Empty the egg so it can be kept and will not get smelly! Use a pin to pierce a hole at both ends of the egg. Carefully wiggle the pin round to make the holes bigger. Blow gently through the hole at the pointy end to force out the egg yolk and white. Catch them in a bowl – you can use them for cooking! Rinse the empty egg in water and leave to dry.




2. Then paint the egg all over and leave to dry. Cut out small diamond shapes from orange paper, fold in half and glue in place. Cut heart-shaped wings with a small tab from orange paper, which you can fold back and glue to the sides of the egg. Paint on black eyes.




3. Now cut an orange pipe cleaner in half. Bend the ends in towards the middle to make ‘feet’ for your chick. Glue the pipe cleaner feet to the bottom of the egg.



4. Ta-dah! Now that you’ve made one chirpy chick, it’s time to make a whole brood. Fill a small box with shredded paper or clean straw. Pop in some mini chocolate eggs and arrange the chicks on top!


Happy Easter everyone!



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