Feed our feathered friends

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Got some spare time this half term?

Why not help out some of my garden friends and make this easy bird feeder?

You will need…
  • Empty (and clean) drink carton
  • String
  • Wood for perch (dowling)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Bird seed


And, all you need to do is…

Wash and thoroughly dry an empty drink carton.

Using the illustration opposite as a guide, draw a similar shape on the front and sides of the carton and cut out the shape.

Staple the top of the carton together, if you need to.

Make two holes in the top of the carton.

Thread a length of string through the hole, to make a hanger.



Make a hole at the bottom of the feeder and poke a long length of dowel (small wooden rod) right through to act as a perch.

Finally, fill the feeder with bird seed and hang from a branch.

And, finally…

Please remember to make sure that your bird feeder is in a safe place, away from cats and squirrels and that it’s cleaned daily.

Now, sit back and enjoy watching the birds visit – don’t forget to let me know what types of birds you see…



Chirp. Chirp. Bryn's the name. I just flew in one day and decided to stay. I haven't got time to sit around chatting - things to do you know. What I will say though is that I just love food so please drop some by. Oh and lists. I love a good list.

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  1. lauren

    I’ll try to make one and put it in my Gran’s house.My gran has a woodpecer and a robin in her garden


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