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Ruffs is the RSPCA’s version of Crufts, but it judges its winners on welfare and happiness, rather than looks. 


Plenty of my canine pals enter Ruffs, but there can only be one Best in Show. And this year it’s Lucy, a former breeding bitch who has transformed from being skinny and sick to happy and healthy – and I really like her.

Lucy won Best in Show at this year's Ruffs competition

Poor Lucy was used as a puppy-making machine for many years with no regard for her health or wellbeing, before being rescued by Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Lucy now lives with Lisa Garner in Warwickshire. She said: “When I first went to meet Lucy it was heartbreaking, she was a tiny 3.5kg, skin and bones with bald patches to her fur, stained feet from being kept on a urine covered floor, fused hips and a severely arched back. When the fosterer gave Lucy to me for a cuddle, she really wasn’t interested, she was withdrawn and just wanted to get back in her bed with the other dogs. All she had ever known was canine company.

“That was two years ago and Lucy has transformed into the most amazing, happy dog you could ever meet. It goes to show rescue dogs are brilliant, courageous dogs, they just need some patience, love and a home of their own. I’m over the moon that Lucy has won Ruffs, I’m like a proud parent!

animal action features all the brilliant category winners. Not a member? Whiz to: www.rspca.org.uk/juniormembership to sign up.



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