Yippee! Summer is here…

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…and while you enjoy the break from school, long sunny days and lots of time with your friends, please don’t forget about your pets – or the world’s animals.


There are plenty of places to go to see animals in England and Wales this summer holidays, for example…


·         your local RSPCA animal or wildlife centre will almost certainly have an open day so why not pop along? Find your nearest centre here.

·         Mallydams Wood in East Sussex has some brilliant woodland walks and its open day is 15 August.

·         If it’s monkeys and apes you’d like to see then you could pop along to Monkey World in Dorset or the Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall.

But there are a few things to bear in mind during the summer…

Don't leave a dog in a hot car!

Hot dogs

Every year RSPCA inspectors and animal collection officers deal with dogs that collapse (and often die) from heatstroke. Never leave a dog in a car on a warm day (even if it’s cloudy). And cars aren’t the only danger, the same goes for caravans, conservatories and mobile homes.

Sheep worrying

Dogs chasing sheep is known as ‘sheep worrying’ and farmers are quite rightly annoyed when they witness it. In fact, farmers are legally allowed to shoot your dog if they believe the sheep are at risk of being attacked.

So please put your dog on a lead if you’re walking near or through a field with sheep, and keep your canine pal under control.

Animals abroad

If you and your family are travelling overseas this summer, please don’t be tempted to go to dolphinaria (such as SeaWorld Orlando in Florida and Loro Parque in Tenerife), mammal theme parks, circuses or zoos. Many of these places house dolphins and often whales, sharks, turtles and other marine mammals that have been taken from the wild.

Circuses are no fun for animals

These majestic sea mammals are kept in areas far too small for them and trained to perform for crowds of people.

Whatever you get up to this summer, and wherever you go, have a brilliant time. Just remember to treat all animals with the love and respect they deserve.



Some call me a wise old owl and I'm not one to disagree. I came to Anmal Action Park after I was hit by a car and broke my wing. I made a full recovery though and now I fly around the park quite happily, sharing my knowledge and wisdom with anyone who'll listen. Look out for me telling you lots of interesting animals facts!

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  1. Grace

    I found snails in my garden and im keeping them on a diet of cucumber grass and leaves. Thats all they have in there pot. Is it hygienic for them?

    • Erin

      Cool you are on my AWESOME list but it is important to keep Animals safe


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