Paste, paper and pop!

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Is it possible to make a sturdy bowl out of newspaper?

Yes it is! And it’s a brilliant way to recycle too as you can store all those odds and ends that don’t have a home.

You’ll need:
  • Bowl1Large balloon

  • Flour, water and salt

  • Mixing bowl and wooden spoon

  • Newspaper

  • Paints and brushes

  • White paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue


And here’s how you make it:

Put a cup of flour into a bowl and add about half a cup of water, a little at a time. Stir well until you have a smooth, thick creamy mix. Then mix in a large spoonful of salt to stop the paste going mouldy. Blow up a large balloon and tie tightly. Tear sheets of newspaper into strips about 3cm x 6cm.




Spread the paste on the newspaper strips with a clean paint brush. Lay the strips on the balloon. Gradually build up a layer of strips going halfway up the balloon. Cover the first layer with another layer. Keep going until you have done about four or five layers. Leave to dry thoroughly.




Burst the balloon and remove all the balloon pieces. Neaten the edge of the bowl with a pair of scissors or craft knife. Paint the bowl all over, inside and out.




Draw some cute birds on thick white paper (or any other animals you like). Use bright colours to paint your animals. When the paint is dry, cut round the shapes, leaving a white edge. Glue the paper shapes around the bowl.


Now your bowl is ready to be filled!



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  1. Christine

    I’ve made one and it’s so handy! Has anyone else made one??

  2. Holly Black L. S.

    I have made one and its beotiful! i like it and i am eeger to make anothar


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