World Spay Day 2016

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World Spay Day is Tuesday 23 February 2016

KittensDo you own a female cat? If your answer’s yes, and she’s not spayed, then it’s time to act.

Unfortunately there are just too many cats that need homes and not enough people to adopt them so, to help tackle this, we need to reduce the number of cats being born.

Spaying involves a small operation and it means your cat won’t be able to have kittens.

Ideally, you should have your cat spayed before she is four months old. Spaying will also protect her from any unwanted attention from male cats who haven’t been neutered.

What about the boys?

If your cat is male, then he should be neutered – this also involves a small operation, but means he will no longer  spray (which can be smelly!) and will be less likely to get into fights.

Did you know?
  • Around 85 per cent of litters of kittens are unplanned.
  • Kittens that have been rescued by the RSPCA are always spayed before being rehomed.


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  1. Anonymous

    its deffo good idea 2 tell people this. i got my 2 cats spayed as soon as i got them!

  2. Amy

    If I could give stars definely the last number in the world of stars and I would not do that plz I really want more kittens I’ll look after them they are just so cute


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