Mother’s Day mini quiz

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It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday

Have you got any plans to spoil your mum? Mum’s are always on the go and animal mummies are no different. From the moment their young are born their job is to protect them and help them to grow into strong, healthy adults. To celebrate how amazing mums are have a go at our little quiz and see if you can match up the mummies and the babies.

Scroll past the gorgeous mummy and baby horse photo for the answers!


1. Both female elephants and cattle are called cows. What are their babies called?

2. A female kangaroo is a doe. What is the name for a young kangaroo?

3. A baby bear is called a cub. Do you know what a female bear is called?

    CLUE: It’s the same name given to a female pig!

4. A hen is a female chicken. What’s her baby called?

5. A female horse is usually called a mare. What’s a young horse called?

Mare and Foal

1. Calves

2. Joey

3. Sow

4. Chick

5. Foal



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