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This month’s animal action is a little bit different

Woody's walk_saraKIt’s a pocket-size, fold-out version so it’s easier to carry around and show your friends. There’s the usual news, fundraising stories, activities and competitions but flip it over and you’ve got a full-size game to play – here it is on the right!

Things to make

There are instructions on how to build a hedgehog house and make some Easter chicks! Well the school holidays are coming up so we’ve got to try and keep you busy.

Hide Away - Rabbit in a Lettuce - With Girl - New finger puppets
Things to win

Don’t miss out on our two great competitions. You could win a Hideaway Rabbit Puppet for yourself, see left, or treat the birds in your garden by winning a suet-filled coconut!

Don’t forget your download!

This issues’s download is a real Easter treat – a bunny mask! We’ve left it blank so you can colour it in – why not send us a photo of your creation?

We want to hear from you!

This edition of animal action is pretty different from anything we’ve done before so we need to know what you think. Take our poll below and, if you’ve got time, why not add your thoughts in the comments below?

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18 Responses to “Out now: April/May animal action”

  1. Chloe Round

    I was really disappointed with the new edition I loved the magazine before and there was a lot more information in the old format. I don’t think its value for money ☹

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Hi Chloe, We’re very sorry you have been disappointed – we will absolutely use your comments to help decide how to go forward. The next magazine is out in just a few days for you to enjoy 🙂

    • caitlin

      i agree this is just a tiny version it shd be bigger

  2. Erin Rance

    I definitely prefer the magazine as this is difficult to read.

    • Christine Christine

      Hi Erin – sorry that you found this issue difficult to read. Just to let you know that there will be four issues this year that will be a standard size magazine and two that will be the new activity fold-outs. The four standard magazines will all contain FREE covermount gifts – new for this year!! We mentioned in last issue’s editor’s letter (Feb/Mar) that we would be changing the next issue and offering a pocket-sized activity-based for April/May. The Aug/Sep issue, which is mailed just before the summer holidays will be similar. There are a few reasons why we have slightly changed this issue and it’s part of a new fresh approach for 2016 to make Animal Action more engaging and fun. We took this step as we wanted to offer something more practical and tailored to school holidays when we know that you’re all out and about. Thanks for your comment, Erin and for being a member of the RSPCA – we want Animal Action to be the best ever!

      • ellie

        I Loved the poket sized edition and I especially liked the game on the back! I’m glad there are going to be more coming out.

  3. Jemima

    It’s okay but I prefer a magazine because its easier to read and there’s more in it.

  4. Lauren

    I much prefer the real magazine. I ripped this when I opened it and I am very disappointed if the next ones are the same.

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Hi Lauren, oh dear I’m sorry to hear you ripped the pocket-size issue – we’d be happy to send you another one if you like. 🙁 All of our members comments will be used to decide what to do about future issues. In the meantime the next issue of animal action is the usual magazine and will be with you in just a few days!

  5. Lili

    I like it but I would like it to have more in it, its easier to carry around and I liked the board game. the chicks were a good idea.

  6. Eloise, age 9

    I much prefer the full size magazine because it has more information in than the pocket one. the pocket one is small and easy to carry but it’s a pain to fold and unfold when you want to find something quickly. I’m not interested in carrying it around, I enjoy to read an interesting magazine. i only joined at christmas and i’m a bit disappointed that you’ve decided to change it and that some things are missing from the pocket one.

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Hi Eloise, thanks for your feedback, it’s really helps us to decide what to do! I’m really sorry that you feel disappointed about the changes to the magazine, especially as you’ve only just joined – I can completely understand your point of view. We know that it’s quite a big change which is why we’re now sending out free gifts with each of the magazines you get – is this something that you like, or would you still prefer more magazines? Going forward, we are still getting everyone’s opinions on the new format and it may be that we go back to six magazines again once we decide what’s best. Thanks again for taking the time to let us know what you think – we really appreciate it. You can always email with any ideas that you have.

  7. Jayne (parent of Eloise Bradshaw)

    My daughter took the time and great care to leave her feedback about the pocket size version of your magazine and you haven’t bothered to post it on your site or reply to her. She would appreciate some acknowledgement of the points she raised. Thank you

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Hello Jayne, thanks for your message. I’m really sorry that your daughter’s message wasn’t posted in the comments sooner, this has been done now. I can also assure you that all the comments are being collated and will be used to inform the decision on the way forward for animal action. I have also now responded to Eloise. We really are very sorry that she has been disappointed with what she has received – I hope that we can improve the membership experience for her going forwards. Please feel free to email if you have any further comments or queries.


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