Fab animal facts!

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I just love facts – especially animal facts!

So I’ve gathered up some amazing ones for you but, as it’s April Fool’s Day today, I thought I’d have a little fun with you. One of these 10 facts is totally, completely and utterly made up! Can you guess which one it is?

  • FabFacts_ElephantHummingbirds are the only birds that can hover.
  • Male African elephants can charge at speeds of up to 25mph! That’s nearly as fast as Usain Bolt!
  • Flamingos get their lovely pink or reddish colour from the food they eat – algae and crustaceans such as shrimps.
  • A talking chipmunk has been found in the USA. He says his name’s Alvin!
  • The name ‘koala’ is thought to come from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘no drink’, which they rarely do!
  • A warthog’s ‘warts’ are actually thick growths of skin, which protect the boars (males) when they fight.
  • Crocodilians are the closest surviving relatives of dinosaurs and have changed very little in 150 million years!
  • Male rabbits spray females with urine when courting!
  • A pig can run a mile in seven minutes!
  • The venom of a male Sydney funnel-web spider can be deadly to humans but has very little effect on cats and dogs!
Keep scrolling to see the odd one out!


The odd one out is:

  • talking chipmunk has been found in the USA. He says his name’s Alvin!

Of course!



Some call me a wise old owl and I'm not one to disagree. I came to Anmal Action Park after I was hit by a car and broke my wing. I made a full recovery though and now I fly around the park quite happily, sharing my knowledge and wisdom with anyone who'll listen. Look out for me telling you lots of interesting animals facts!

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5 Responses to “Fab animal facts!”

  1. anon

    this quiz is awesome do more like it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :] :] :]

  2. Maya

    There is a film called Alvin and the Chipmunks and that’s how I guessed.


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