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Exotic pets – what’s the problem?

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Think of a pet

I bet your first thought was ‘cat’ or ‘dog’. Maybe ‘hamster’ or ‘rabbit’. It’s unlikely that you thought about snakes and lizards, but actually these animals are becoming more and more popular pets.

So what’s the difference?

Well, the animals we think of as pets traditionally, like cats and dogs, are animals that are domesticated (tame) and used to living with humans. They also tend to be comfortable in our climate. Exotic pets, by contrast, are not used to humans and often come from foreign countries, usually quite hot ones! For these pets to be happy living in our homes they need lots of special care. Watch this video to find out more.

What do you think?

In the latest issue of animal action we asked our junior reporters for their opinion on owning exotic pets. Here are some of their answers:

I think it is cool to have one of these pets, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could make them suffer. You should think about what the animal needs, and what it will eat. Callum

I’m not keen on the idea of an exotic pet because you would have to feed them live insects, like locusts! You would have to take care of them really well. Eloise

Having an exotic pet needs work to get it right for the animal – a bearded dragon’s tank has to be warmer at one end and cooler at the other. Exotic pets can grow much larger than people think! James

What do you think? Why not add your comments below?

Sarah K

Sarah K

Hi, I'm Sarah and I look after our fantastic junior membership. I've been at the RSPCA for seven years and I've loved every minute. There are so many dogs around the office - it's great to get to know them all! I love animals and used to have five amazing pet rats. And, in case you didn't know, rats are possibly THE best pet. Well to me anyway. I don't have a favourite animal though - I think they're all amazing. I've even started to like spiders a bit more, weird I know! The thing I enjoy most is seeing animals in their natural habitat - to me there's not much more thrilling than that.

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15 Responses to “Exotic pets – what’s the problem?”

  1. ellie

    I think that having an exotic pet would be cool, though they don’t do much , they are still loveable

  2. poppy

    I don’t think it is right to have an exotic pet, they belong in the wild, not a house

    • Anna

      You could say that it is bad to keep any type of pet none of them belong in a house.

      • chloe peters

        yes they do a dog or a cat

    • angelica

      I think you are fright they should not be in a house it should be in the wild

    • chloe peters

      i agree but if thats what people want they will/have to be treated like they should not dumped or not fed!

    • Wilf The Wolf (Freya)

      I have a pet corn snake and a bearded dragon, so I guess it’s only right to agree!

    • imi

      yes because I have a crested gecko but you need to look after them properly

    • sofy+animal=besties

      it’s fine to have one, as long as you look after them properly

    • Rosie

      Well I am known at school for the zoo house as I own: 7 carpet pythons of different species 2 of which are about 6ft, about 52 tarantulas (also of many different species), I own, 8 leopard geckos, 2 Tokay geckos,3 crested geckos, a day gecko, 5 corn snakes, 10 royal pythons, 7 bearded dragons, 2 massive boas, 4 red eyed tree frogs11 fire bellied toads, 3 poison dart frogs, 1 African bullfrog I could continue but I would probably tire and bore you all!! But at 16 years old owning all of these I have a massive responsibility. I would have put there latin names up too but I will have confused everybody!! I love exotics hence the reason I want to be a Herpetologist, Zoologist or even a Marine Biologist!!

  3. chloe peters

    i think keeping an exotic pet is really good because it will give you something to do [for example cleaning the cage or playing with them]but of course you would have to think of 3 things to do first
    make sure you have money to pay for them
    make sure they have the right temperature of vivarium
    time to look after and interact with the exotic pet
    and of course make sure you try and recreate the vivarium to a natural scenery for them to think themselves are in their national and normal territory so really please take them seriously;they are not a toy you can play around with they are a real animal what deserves to be treated like normal animals just like you would!!!


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