“RSPCA – can you help?”

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Who do you call if you see an animal in distress?

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The RSPCA of course! And did you know that in 2015 the RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty and advice telephone line received 1,118,495 calls from the public (that’s over a million)! Lots of these calls are about animals that need rescuing and every call is different. Here are a couple of heartwarming stories…

Foal in a hole

Anna was just one week old when she was found stuck in a big hole in a field. She was rescued by RSPCA inspectors and taken to RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey. Anna was reared by RSPCA staff alongside her new friends, Elsa and Gerry – another foal – and she is now doing well.

Coming to get ewe!

 RSPCA inspectors will go to any lengths to save an animal in danger and they certainly proved that when two of them abseiled down a cliff to rescue a stranded ewe at Trwyn Cilan in Abersoch, Wales. The ewe was stuck 30 metres down the cliff and it’s thought she had been there for two weeks! She was finally caught and hoisted back to safety.

Ewe rescue big

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Hello, I'm Christine and I'm part of the team who work on the Animal Action magazine. I've been at the RSPCA for quite a while and just love being part of such a great organisation. My most favourite animals are dogs and I have a soft spot for Westies.

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  1. Ellie

    That sheep looked so happy in that photo. I love sheep. The RSPCA are amazing!


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