Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

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Summer means one thing at the RSPCA – kittens!

Every year between April and September – commonly known as ‘kitten season’ – our centres and branches care for high numbers of pregnant cats, colourful kittens and nursing mothers.

Did you know?
  • There are around 11 million pet cats in the UK, and each year the RSPCA alone rehomes more than 30,000 cats and kittens!
  • An unneutered female cat has the potential to give birth to up to 150 kittens over five years!
Do you have your heart set on a kitten?

If so, please visit your nearest RSPCA centre or check out our website first. If you adopt a kitten from us you can be sure that they’re ready to go to a new home and are happy and healthy.

If you buy a kitten from someone on the internet, or take one from a friend’s litter, a rescue kitten misses out on finding a happy new home.

Wherever your kitten comes from, they should be sociable and bright-eyed with no visible health problems. Ideally, kittens should not be taken away from their mother until they are around eight weeks old. It’s important to always see the kitten in the place she or he was born and raised to make sure they were being cared for properly.

Are you going to be rehoming a kitten? Or have you already rehomed a kitten?

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  1. Charlotte machin

    I just love the animal action website, there’s just so much information.

    • Sarah K Sarah K

      Aww, we’re really glad to hear that Charlotte, thanks.


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