Nora’s perfect picture

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I just love seeing all of your photos.

In the latest issue of animal action we’ve had cats, dogs, guinea pigs and even a chicken in our Picture perfect feature! Thanks everyone for sending them in, they’ve really made me smile.

I’ve decided that every issue I’m going to pick my favourite. And here’s this issue’s: it’s Zeus the dog taken by six-year-old Holly.

Pets Pix Zeus

Why do I love it?

Well Zeus is a dog, which I can relate to, and he is clearly a dog who likes to have fun, which I can really, really relate to. Also there’s a ball in the picture and I love balls.

Make sure you check out p27 in this issue of animal action to find out how to send us your photos. You never know, it might become my favourite!

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9 Responses to “Nora’s perfect picture”

  1. Natalie

    Aww. You Nora and Zeus are absolutely adorable. Literally so cute. I can’t help but take photos of you two on my phone from animal action mag.

  2. Diana

    Are you a Border Terrier? I think Zeus might be a springer spaniel but I am not sure… I have a border terrier named Jessie

    • Nora Nora

      Yes I am Diana! Ooh, I bet Jessie is lots of fun to play with. Woof!


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