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Happy tails: two very lucky cats

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Meet Marshmallow and Poppy…

Two lucky pets that have found their perfect home.

Marshmallow’s story

This little cat spent four months at RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre after being abandoned. New owner Hannah and her partner, were smitten as soon as they saw her. Hannah said: “She was very shy and timid when we spent time with her, so we felt she really deserved a new start in life,” says Hannah.


After a successful home visit, Marshmallow was off to her new home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent where she has settled in beautifully. “After she arrived she came out of her shell very quickly,” says Hannah. “We’ve had some ups and downs along the way, but we expected that because of her difficult start.”

Nowadays Marshmallow loves playing with her six toy mice or lying on her back, waiting to be stroked. “She’s a big part of our lives and we are very lucky to have had the chance to give her the life she deserves,” says Hannah.

Poppy’s story

Two-year-old Poppy was staying at RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre when she first met her new owner Sarah. Poppy’s friend Buttons had been reserved and there was a note on her pen saying she would miss him being in the cattery. At seeing this Sarah decided that Poppy just had to come with her!


“We were expecting a settling-in period because she was so shy,” says Sarah. “We prepared the spare bedroom for her and when she came out, she had a good wander around the house sniffing and rubbing against everything – including us!”

Poppy has proved herself to be a friendly and playful cat with a wonderful personality. She has a favourite toy and she likes burrowing into things. “She loves settling down in our laps to sleep or cavorting around and being made a fuss of,” says Sarah. “She is just adorable.”

Hooray – we’re so happy for these two lovely cats.

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Sarah K

Sarah K

Hi, I'm Sarah and I look after our fantastic junior membership. I've been at the RSPCA for seven years and I've loved every minute. There are so many dogs around the office - it's great to get to know them all! I love animals and used to have five amazing pet rats. And, in case you didn't know, rats are possibly THE best pet. Well to me anyway. I don't have a favourite animal though - I think they're all amazing. I've even started to like spiders a bit more, weird I know! The thing I enjoy most is seeing animals in their natural habitat - to me there's not much more thrilling than that.

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