Mind the snap – crocodile on the loose!

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Plastic toy gives RSPCA officer a giggle


The RSPCA was called by people saying they’d seen a crocodile on the side of a road in Winsford, Cheshire.

When our Animal Collection Officer, Lauren Bradshaw, arrived, she thought at first it was alive too because it was so realistic! Eeek!

Lauren says: “When I heard there might be a crocodile on the loose, I thought I’d better make it snappy and get over there straight away.

“I was looking along the grass verge, then I noticed something on a grid by the roadside. It was very light-coloured and I thought it must be some kind of lizard – but then as I got nearer, it looked just like a small crocodile basking in the sunshine.

Made in China

“I’ve never handled a crocodile before, so I was thinking about the best way to pick it up. But then I noticed some red paint inside its mouth, so I picked it up and just burst out laughing – yes, it was a crocodile, but it was a plastic one made in China!

“We get called out to many things but this was definitely a first,” adds Lauren. “One thing’s for sure – a day in the life of an RSPCA officer is never boring.”




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