Dog brings tortoise home!

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‘Terry’ is treated at the vets’ and is doing wellterry2

As anyone with a dog will know, they can sometimes bring you unusual presents; a glove, a shoe, a piece of rubbish… but one man had a bit of a shock when his dog brought him a teeny, tiny tortoise!

The RSPCA was called to the house, in the West Midlands, after the man had safely taken the reptile off his dog.

RSPCA Inspector Dawn Burrell went along to collect the spur thigh tortoise, thought to be about a year old, and took him to a nearby vet that specialises in exotic animals.

Random present!

Dogs and cats often bring in random things but I think this man had a bit of a shock when his pet brought in a tiny tortoise!” says Inspector Burrell. “He knocked on his neighbours’ doors to see if anyone was missing a tortoise, but nobody was, so he popped the little reptile in a shoebox and called us.

The tortoise – now named Terry – is being cared for at the vets’ and is doing well.”

Exotic needs

The RSPCA is seeing more and more exotic animals – like tortoises and bearded dragons – being abandoned.

Exotics need a specific environment, with correct temperatures for the species, to be healthy and a lot of people don’t realise what they are taking on when they buy them. We would like people to research the particular species properly before getting an exotic pet,” adds Inspector Burrell.

Happy home

If no one comes forward to claim little Terry, a member of staff at the vets’ has already offered him a home.

3 Responses to “Dog brings tortoise home!”

  1. Charlotte October

    That was so lucky he was found! Did anyone ever claim him?

    • Christine

      Hi Charlotte – we’re not sure if the owners have come forward yet, but ‘Terry’ will be rehomed by one of the veterinary staff if they don’t.

  2. Eleanor

    I love bearded dragons and it’s really sad that people abandon them.


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