Otterly adorable!

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Orphaned otter cub doing well at RSPCA centre

Staff at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton, Somerset, have been kept very busy hand feeding this gorgeous otter cub after he was found orphaned a few weeks ago!


Four square meals

Manager at the centre, Bel Deering, says: “This youngster is a hungry boy and has around four feeds a day! He’s doing really well in our care and is starting to eat some fish now too.

“He is bright and very active and getting quite feisty at times! His favourite hobbies (apart from feeding!) seem to be nibbling fingers and hissing and spitting when anything spooks him – these are really good signs.”

Wild release

The young otter will be released back into the wild, near to where he was found, when he’s strong enough.

Cute alert!

The RSPCA has released a short must-see video clip, showing the little otter feasting on his breakfast!

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    • Eleanor

      I think they should give the otter a name. I’d call him Ash(I don’t know why).


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