Sssix-foot snake in a tight sssqueeze!

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The RSPCA helps with a very unusual case

This six-foot long boa constrictor was rescued after getting trapped in a bath at a house in Dorset.

Urge to explore

We were called in by the fire service after the snake’s concerned owner was unable to free her from a very tight spot. The snake had decided to explore the surroundings while being given a bath and had become wedged in the bath’s handle, unable to move forwards or backwards!

Off the handle

The handle and side of the bath were carefully removed with a screwdriver and the boa constrictor was safely released and returned to the care of her owner.

RSPCA Inspector Patrick Bailey says: “This was an unusual rescue, but as you can see we never know what we might be called out to. I’m pleased we were able to help set this snake free, unharmed.”


Strange but true…

The RSPCA is always there to help animals whenever they find themselves in need. Over the past twelve months there have been quite a few strange, unusual rescues, where inspectors have found themselves helping animals in amusing situations. Look out for more next week!

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