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Rescued harvest mice living in ‘ace’ tennis ball home


A tennis ball has become a great temporary home for two harvest mice at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre, in Somerset, after the tiny furry mammals were rescued from a cat.

Kept warm

Emily Atkinson, from the centre in Taunton, says: “The first little mouse came in after a cat belonging to one of our staff brought it home. She popped him in the airing cupboard overnight and brought him into work the next day where he was put on antibiotics.

“Then, a few days later, the cat brought in another so he is with us too now!”

“We’ve managed to find the nest these mice originally came from, so once it gets a bit warmer we’ll pop the tennis ball next to their old nest so they can make their own way back home,” adds Emily.

Both mice are now doing well and, once the weather gets a little warmer, will be ready for release. The pair have been nicknamed Andy and Dan after the Brit tennis stars!

mouse1Cute alert!

West Hatch’s lovely video captures the very rare, tiny mice – which weigh less than 6g each and are only 5cm long – enjoying their new home. Go on, have a look! Just go to:

The population of harvest mice is sadly thought to be declining in England and it’s rare to see them in the wild. We have only had nine come into RSPCA wildlife centres in the last eight years.



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