Quirky kitties – part one!

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Many of us have cats at home.

They are an important part of the family – but do we really understand them and have you ever wondered why they do certain things, like always getting into boxes?


So, we’ve asked the RSPCA’s cat behaviour and welfare expert, Alice Potter, to answer some of your most-asked questions about our feline friends.

Why does my cat not drink from her water bowl?

Alice says: It’s quite common for cats to ignore the water in their bowl and go for the glass of water you keep next to your bed, a running tap, or even a garden pond instead!

This isn’t about being fussy, this is actually a very sensible behaviour believed to have come from their wildcat ancestors. In the wild, cats wouldn’t drink and eat in the same place, because they may dirty their drinking water with the entrails (insides – yuk!!) of their prey.

Instead, they drink away from where they eat, ideally where there’s running water which is more likely to be clean and fresh. This is why your cat may jump up and drink from the tap when you clean your teeth – because they like running water.

Top Tip: Always place your cat’s water bowl away from where they eat, ideally in another room.

And remember, the more we understand about our feline family members, the better we can be at making them happy and healthy!

Next time: Why does my cat roll over and show her tummy but not want to be stroked?



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