Quirky kitties – part two!

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Continuing our series on quirky cat behaviour…

We asked the RSPCA’s cat behaviour and welfare expert, Alice Potter, to answer some of your most-asked questions about our feline friends.

cat basking
Why does my cat roll over and show her tummy but not want it to be stroked?

Alice says: It’s easy to assume that if your cat shows their tummy it’s because they want to have it rubbed – but many cat owners who try this get an unpleasant surprise!

When cats expose their tummies it makes them vulnerable, so when they greet us in this way it’s a sign that they feel safe and trusting. However, it isn’t a request for a belly rub!

Top tip: When your cat rolls over and shows you her tummy it’s best just to give her a gentle little head rub.

And remember, the more we understand about our feline family members, the better we can be at making them happy and healthy!

Next time: Why does my cat really love boxes?



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