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RSPCA called to rescue… plastic pony!horse2

RSPCA officers were called to investigate claims a horse had been tied on the back of a trailer by the legs – only to find that the filly was a fake and made of plastic!

Mane road

People were calling the RSPCA’s cruelty hotline because they thought the pony was real, after they spotted it being towed along the motorway.

RSPCA Inspector Richard Lythgoe says: “When I heard about it I thought it sounded odd, and when I got to the house and saw the pony was made of plastic I had to laugh!

“The people had driven all the way to Birmingham to collect the plastic pony, and because it was so big they needed a trailer to get it the 100 miles back to Cambridge.”

Nag-ging worries

“Obviously for other drivers, catching a glimpse of this lifesize, lifelike pony being pulled down the motorway would have been very worrying!

“We do get lots of calls about horses through to our hotline – but I’ve never been called out to check up on a fake one before!”


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